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I really do photograph all the events you can think of actors, birthdays, children's events, christenings, corporate, dance, dedications, dinners, fashion launches, funerals, graduations, models, music gigs, singers and anything else that you can think of. We can record short clips of video or speeches, project photographs onto screens or walls, print onsite, produce your guests pictures on your favourite magazine, provide lighting and backdrops, create canvas prints or enlargements.

I have even done a wedding proposal which was brilliant! (oh and she said yes).

Phew, I don't think we have missed anything out. 

Model portfolios typically can cost many hundreds or even thousands - it's a bit like the wild west with lots of fly by night companies promising you the earth and delivering little. We can shoot at your home, a park, the street or take you to a studio for a couple of hours. Even if you are not an aspiring model maybe you just want to treat yourself or maybe a gift for your partner.

Our 150+ slideshows have been viewed over 12,000 times and keeps growing. Set to your own personal selection of music they offer a unique and memorable way to share not just your pictures but the story and emotions of the day - whatever the event. We realised many years ago that these stories cannot be told in just a few photographs in just a few seconds like other photographers do. We have spent as long as a week preparing, planning and then putting together our slideshows. Click here to subscribe and see

for yourself.


But it's so much better to just talk about your requirements. 


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